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Keratin Cocktail Mask

KeratinCocktail Mask

The mask “Keratin Cocktail” developed  by Salon Royal Hair is a supereffective hair restorer. It is designed for restoration of internal structure of badly damaged or dyed hair. Mask components get into the cuticle and restore hair from inside. Finding micro-cracks and emptiness in the hair structure and filling them, they create protection against loss of moisture, destruction and keratin washing away, ideally humidify hair and restore their unique brilliancy.

Because of the high content of keratin, collagen, organic extracts and natural amino acids, Hair Keratin Cocktail Mask intensively feeds hair, preserving color and keeping them shiny. Even after the first application hair look silky and strong!

The active component of Hair Keratin Cocktail Mask is panthenol that keeps the hair moisture even during using hair dryer. Besides, panthenol increases hair diameter and condenses their surface. At the regular use of Hair Keratin Cocktail Mask you’ll get brilliant hair with increased volume.

Aloe Vera juice, one of the mask components is well-known for the curative features. It softens and smoothens hair, making them healthy. Wheat extracts, lecithin and cocoa oil healthily affect the head skin and sate hair by vital energy and force.

By regular application of a mask you can preserve results of the Salon Royal Hair procedures for about six months!