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About Us

Brand history

At the beginning of 90th unbeknown young stylist Francesco Manelli opened the unostentatious salon in the center of New York. Meeting the visitor, Francesco used to say: “I’ll do up a real royal hairdress”. He kept his promises – master got a mass of fans very soon. One of them, successful business lady said few words that became historical: “You have a salon of royal hair!” “Yes, Salon Royal Hair!” – Francesco exclaimed. In few days the new sign shined over the salon.

Manelli loved the hairdresser's art from childhood up, he worked a lot and with inspiration. In the course of time some VIP-persons became clients of the salon: artists, politicians and senior representatives of the fashion industry. Hairdress made a part of image for them and special approach and skills were necessary.

Francesco understood that the result of his work greatly depends on quality of professional cosmetics used by him. Analyzing compositions of the premium class cosmetics, Manelli didn't find any line which would suit completely. He decided to create his own brand, having aggregated the best professional products.

Manelli decided to develop supereffective premium class salon cosmetics based on the natural organic components. He got in contact with international companies actively and made a team. When it was done he branched out his own laboratory. At this point ended the story of loner master Francesco Manelli and the story about Salon Royal Hair brand begins.

Many problems were ahead, even more - discoveries. Specialists of Salon Royal Hair laboratory traveled on the East countries very much. They investigated their traditions of hair care, giving particular attention to secrets of beauty of royal persons. In the natural reserves haven’t been touched by the civilization, they studied curative features of exotic plants and herbs. The long time was necessary to choose components for new cosmetics and improvement of formulas. Clinical experiences showed that efficiency of masks and shampoos depends on organic oils and fruit acids content in them. These researches are at the heart of revolutionary development of the Salon Royal Hair brand.

In few years of laborious work with the ideal cosmetic products line the team of Salon Royal Hair reached the long-awaited success. Professional hair care products of Salon Royal Hair become popular in America and UK. By the end the 90th brand cooperates with main producers of the East and the West. The product line of Salon Royal Hair grows – the well-known keratin hair mask is included there. Very soon the watershed event takes place in the brand history: finally investors are found and the multinational cosmetic corporation working with exclusive premium class professional hair cosmetics is established.

In 2006 Salon Royal Hair got into the European market: production is exported to France, Italy, Germany and Norway. By 2009 shampoos and Salon Royal Hair masks become popular in the east – Japan, China and Korea. In 2012 the professional cosmetics of Salon Royal Hair came to Russia as well. For today Salon Royal Hair develops innovative premium class demanded in beauty salons of the whole world.

Brand philosophy

The philosophy of the Salon Royal Hair brand was formed during more than twenty years, but it is possible to express its essence in three ideas: professionalism, efficiency, environmental friendliness.


During brand existence, founders of Salon Royal Hair managed to aggregate all achievements in the field of hair care cosmetics. Experts of Salon Royal Hair cooperate with the most authoritative global manufacturers of salon cosmetics, test and compare production of the most successful professional premium class cosmetic brands. That’s why it is possible to choose and use the best of numerous innovations. Salon Royal Hair never limits prime cost of cosmetics, uses only expensive and qualitative formulas. Products of any line are made and sold by a whole series, they are perfectly compatible among themselves and represent full scale of products necessary for different procedures.

Success of Salon Royal Hair – it is my success as well. I chose this brand by the cut and try method because approach of other kind didn't give this magnificent complex result. But now, using these shampoos and masks, I can be sure that clients will be happy and will return to me again. And the most important issue is that I’m sure about compatibility of products – result is always fine.

Helen, top stylist, Paris


All Salon Royal Hair cosmetics are tested on compatibility, interaction and optimum efficiency. Using all line of the hair care products of Salon Royal Hair the magnificent result is guaranteed. Thanks to the keratin and collagen – components of Salon Royal Hair masks and shampoos, hair become healthy, smooth and obedient, that makes easier creation of hairstyles and styling. The products of Salon Royal Hair are suitable for all hair types, including colored hair, it keeps the color and brilliancy for a long time. Salon Royal Hair presents salon cosmetics as well as products for home care, providing the long-time result. Therefore experts of Salon Royal Hair aspire to inform about competent procedures and the correct product application both experts and other people wishing to get healthy and beautiful hair.

The pledge of successful business – cooperation with well-known business partners. I purchase Salon Royal Hair products for more than five years, and I noticed the increase of sales in the very first weeks already – number of clients was growing because of better salon procedures and active demand for home care sets.

Tad, owner of hairdresser's boutique, New York

Environmental friendliness

The most important achievement of Salon Royal Hair – balance between the effectiveness of salon procedures and natural structure of cosmetics. All products of the Salon Royal Hair series are created on the basis of non-polluting natural components. Natural oils of avocado, olive, coconuts, cocoa, jojoba, as well as grassy, fruit and tea extracts are added to the shampoos and masks. The deionized water guarantees the long-term storage of components.

Salon Royal Hair cares of environment during manufacturing processes – renewable resources are used only. Packaging plastic is reworkable.

I’m convinced that the person and the nature are inseparably linked. We shouldn’t be egoists any more. Resources of the Earth aren't infinite, therefore we should use only those cosmetics which don't harm to environment. The care of ecology is important for Salon Royal Hair that’s why I trust this brand. Use of natural components is not only the eco-trend, it is real care about hair health.

Susan, salon manager, London